The Urballoon is a helium balloon with a video projector that displays a feed of social media tagged with a hashtag onto the ground of a street, plaza or park. See how it works >

This temporary installation creates an instant media interface to a place that allows communication between people, environments and events.

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Urban Serendipity Engine

Urballoon is a platform for interactions in urban spaces. It connects the social web to our streets and enables new models of public dialogue and exchange of ideas.

The project asks a relevant or timely topic to the local public that helps frame the exchange.

Some scenarios include:

Collaborative urban storytelling

How you define your city in a tweet or image?

Community outreach

What would you like this space to become?

Event promotion

Share your pictures of outdoor festivals, sporting events, etc.

Polling and political awareness

What issue in your community needs to be solved?


Broadcast data from things to inform or debate.

Emergency recovery

Provide wifi, broadcast public information and allow public cooperation during disaster relief.

Cities can use the Urballoon to engage citizens with urban spaces and gauge public sentiment.

Citizens experience it as a new night-time activity in their neighborhood and can use it to share opinions in public and with their communities.